I Love You Dad Poems for Fathers Day 2017

A Father’s love is just as important to a child’s personality as a mother’s – and sometimes more so. Father’s love is something that no one can explain, They love their children during the worst and best of times, In this section we’re presenting some best Love Poems for Father’s Day 2017, we’ve added Short Happy Father Day Love Poems for Kids, I Love You Dad Poems, Beautiful Father Day Poetry in English, Sweet Father and Daughter Poems, Lovely Father and Son Poems for Children, Happy Fathers Day to All 🙂

Beautiful Happy Fathers Day Love Poems from Daughter & Son

I Love You Dad Poems


1) I Love You Dad Poems from Daughter


You are the reason
For me to breathe
Even though you give me
Reasons to see the
You are the reason
For me to enjoy
For you will always be
My naughty little boy
You’ll be my favorite
No matter what
Because I’ll always
Love you a lot

Happy Fathers Day Daddy



2) Short Love Poem For Daughter to Father


I love you for what you are
And what you can be
I love you for the potential
In you, that I can see
I love you for standing up
For what you believe in
I love the way you trust
Your voice from within
I love you for being
Such a caring person
Dear daughter, you are
Nothing but awesome
I love you

Happy Fathers Day 2017



3) My Father’s Love Poetry in English


My father’s love goes
deeper and beyond words,
When I call out in pain,
I can be sure I’ll be heard.
When I need a hug,
I know he’ll be waiting with open arms,
And when I am scared,
he’ll make sure I’m safe and sound.
When I need someone to talk,
he’ll be waiting for me to start,
When I am sad and in pain,
he’ll be already mending my heart.
No matter what the situation is,
my father will always be there,
When I am looking for love,
I’ll open my eyes and find love everywhere.

Happy Fathers Day Dad



4) Father Day Love Poetry from Daughter


A father loves a daughter
Like no other love on earth.
From the day that he first meets her
Nothing can compare her worth.
Forever are they bonded
With a love that never fails.
For always he will hug her
And kiss goodnight with fairy tales.
He will love her and protect her
With strong arms just in case
But will also hug her tenderly
With a fatherly embrace.
Eskimo kisses touch her nose
With a giggle and a squeeze
And that sparkle in her little eyes
Could bring him to his knees.
What more could any father want
Than a daughter so sweet and pure
There’s nothing in this world so rare
Of that he can be sure.
A fathers love is so unique
It cannot be replaced
He will always treasure times with her
And the memories embraced.

~Kristin Rose


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5) Loveable Fathers Day Poem from Son


A fathers touch, A daddy’s kiss
A grieving daughter, you’re greatly missed.

An empty house, an empty chair
A fathers love, no longer there.

A broken heart, tear filled eye
Another soul to fill the sky.

Many memories in my mind
Some I laugh, some I cry.

The times we shared, the laughs we had
Things I miss when I think of you dad.

Realizing that’s all I have to hold on too
Only memories, of what once was you.

Missing your laugh, I will never again hear
That is the reality that fills me with so much fear.

No more smile on your face
No more warmth of your embrace.

The last hug, the last kiss
The last ‘goodbye’ leaves me with one last wish.

To have you dad, here today,
Never to leave your daughter this way.

A Father’s touch, a daddy’s kiss
A grieving daughter, you’re greatly missed.

~Leah Wells