Happy Fathers Day From Ex-Wife | Quotes & Messages

Sometimes there is a lack of understanding in between us in a relationship which can easily break us and our relationship apart. Most of the relationship breaks because we choose the wrong person in your life. The main problem with us is that we judge someone by the outer beauty and don’t bother to notice on the inner side of a person. But as day’s passes by, we get know that the person is not a match. But at the end, you end up remembering him or her no matter how far you are from him or her. Remembering your ex-husband on Father’s day can be a great gesture to your kids. If you feel nervous and don’t know what to do on that day, try reading Father day Quotes from ex-wife on this article. You may end up having a nice evening. You will get here Happy Fathers Day Wishes Messages from ex-wife for the ex-husband. Sometimes it’s happened mistakenly and we miss them after divorce.

Happy Father’s Day From Ex-Wife for Ex-Husband Quotes Wishes Messages

Happy Fathers Day From Ex Wife


“We are no longer husband and wife but no matter how far we grow apart,
I will always thank you for being a good father to my children from the start.”

Happy Fathers Day To My Ex-Husband

~ Your Ex-wife


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Happy Fathers Day Ex-Husband

“Our divorce was like a raging rapid which has separated us.
But let us try to build a bridge which allows our children to cross over to both sides any time they want.”

Happy Father’s Day Ex-Hubby



Fathers Day Messages for Ex Husband

Our children created our bond that cannot be broken. After our breakup, there were a lot of words I left unspoken.
You’re an amazing father, and I hope you find the perfect mate.

Happy Fathers Day Ex Husband



“We are no longer together but we will always stay together for our children…. Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to my dearest ex Husband who makes the best dad in this world.”


“It is not important that we are no longer a couple but it is very important that have fulfilled all your duties as a good father towards our children…. Happy Father’s Day.”


We may not love each other anymore or treat each other respect but I am relieved that your care and blessings are still on my kids. I wish you become the best father or the father of their dreams for them. Have a great fathers day celebration, ex-husband!


May the sweeter than sugar bond between you and your kids remain intact till the end and we all live a jovial life together. Keep loving our kids and always encourage them. Happy fathers day to my ex-husband!


You never had my respect as a husband but the way you take care of kids amazingly, you have all my respect and praise. I am so glad you are doing great as a father. Wishing happy fathers day to my ex-husband!


“I may not have been happy to have a husband like you but our children are certainly blessed to have a dad like you…. Happy Father’s Day!!!”


On the occasion of fathers day, wishing happy fathers day to my ex-hubby who is a profound father and a wonderful friend to his kids. May you create heaps of entrancing moments with kids!


Every kid needs a strong and protective father as he needs a caring and compassionate mother. I am glad you are living up to the role of a father so well. Wishing happy fathers day to my ex-husband!


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