Happy Teachers Day Special Poems for Your Favorite Sir & Mam

Go through our section and check out our collection of best Happy Teachers Day Special Poems for Your Favorite Sir & Mam in the English Language. Poems for Teachers’ Appreciation Day can help you express your feelings if you find it difficult to put across your thoughts in any other way. 5th October World Happy Teachers Day is celebrated as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by teachers to society. 5th September Happy Teacher’s Day is designed to shower praise on the many teachers in India who strive diligently every single day to educate the nation’s youths. Here all these poems are dedicated to Teachers that we’ve compiled in this section. Here you’ll get My Best Teacher Poems, Cute Happy Teachers Day Poems in English from Parents, Short Teachers Day Poems for Kids & Students for Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5 etc. Inspirational Teachers Day Poetry for Nursery Rhymes, Famous World Teachers Day Poetry for Principal Sir etc and many more. Happy Teachers Day 🙂

Beautiful Happy Teachers Day Special Poems for Your Favorite Sir & Mam

Teachers Day Special Poems


1) 5th Sep Thank You Poem for Teacher Day

Some teachers are sweet
Some teachers are a delight
Some teachers are funny
Some teachers are always right

Some teachers are cute
Some teachers are annoying
Some teachers are boring
Some teachers are irritating

But you, are hard to label
Because in every possible way
You motivate and inspire us
Day after day

Thank you


2) Thank You Poem for Teachers Day

Dear teacher

The school’s best hire
Never, should you retire

Your advice never misfires
You, we really admire

You never tire
You never breathe fire

You always inspire
You always push us higher

Thank you


3) Cute Funny Happy World Teachers Day Poem

My poetry teacher taught me
How to cry.

My philosophy teacher taught me
How to dream.

My religion teacher taught me
How to bind life.

My yoga teacher taught me
How to find Love.

My liberation teacher taught me
How to create Peace.

– Sri Chinmoy



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4) Short Teacher Student Poem for Child

Teachers teach me, teachers help me,
Show me what to do
Teachers make my life much better,
Teachers, I need you.
To teach me how to change my world
It’s something you all can do.
Teachers teach me, teachers love me,
Teachers make me new.


5) 5 September Poem in English for Children

Some teachers preach
But good teachers only teach

Some teachers help you to learn
But good teachers help you to discern

Some teachers compliment you to do better
But good teachers ask you to work harder

You were the best of them all, for me
You made me the best I could ever be


6) Five September Poem for Sir or Mam

I look forward to your class,
When I come to school.
You’re an awesome teacher,
I think you’re very cool.
You’re smart, fair, and friendly,
You’re helping all of us.
And if I got to grade you,
From me, you’d get an A+

Happy Teachers Day


7) Happy Teachers Day Poem in English

Star Teacher I always love your class
Your teaching helps me see,
That to have a happy life,
Learning is the key. You understand your students
You’re sensitive and smart.
You’re a skillful teacher
I knew it from the start. I’m grateful for your wisdom
For the teacher that you are
You’re a very good person,
And as a teacher, you’re a star

– Author Unknown



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8) Beautiful Poem for World Teachers Day

Teacher teacher, dear teacher
You always led by example, you were never a preacher

Teacher teacher, dear teacher
Even when we failed, you were always a believer

Teacher teacher, dear teacher
You looked after everyone, even the backbenchers

Teacher teacher, dear teacher
Your knowledge and wisdom, has made us richer

– Anonymous